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Events and Activities over the weekend 2019


Art Exhibition and Childrens Art Workshop

This exhibition will be a collaboration of work by five artists...Anna O’Riordan, Cara Brophy, Catherine Murray, Pauline Gibbons, Oisin Burke.

Each artist will submit artwork, which will respond to the landscape, the bog and our connection to nature and the environment.  Art works will include a selection of Painting, Print and Photography.  The artists are graduates of the Crawford College of Art and Design Cork.

The proposed workshops would be based on a response to the local landscape, e.g. the bog, and a connection with the materials, sounds, textures and colours of nature found in the landscape. It  would also be a response to the lyrics of the song ‘Shanagolden’ written by Sean McCarthy, which captures many aspects of nature and the landscape.

Proposed Workshop by Artist Pauline Gibbons:

I propose using printmaking, e.g.   mono-printing, chine colle as the basis for the workshop, combined with drawing, collage and frottage, with a view to making a basic artist book, cards or bookmarks, that the participants can take home with them.  Expressive drawing and mark making can also be incorporated, making the artworks very individual to the maker. I would encourage experimenting with colour, materials, process and mark making.

From previous workshops I have facilitated I found that participants, especially children enjoyed the process of both printmaking , (especially the surprises each print reveals) and basic bookmaking. I have a portable printing press, and other materials that would enable print to be part of the workshop